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Sherlock Fic Rec List

1. Alone on the Water - G. Sherlock is diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

2. Flowers in a Box - G. CRACK CRACK CRACK. 

3. Performance In a Leading Role - PG-NC-17. Sherlock Holmes is an Oscar winner in the midst of a career slump. John Watson is an Everyman actor trapped in the rom-com ghetto. When they are cast as a gay couple in a new independent drama, will they surprise each other? Will their on-screen romance make its way into the real world?

4. Five Stages of Mourning - T. John dies at the pool scene. 

5. Take My Breath Away - NC-17. Sherlock has a thing for being choked. 

6. Just a lot of sex okay - NC-17. Sherlock/John and whoever is topping is wringing out as many orgasms as they can. 

7. Fucking Cake - NC-17. Sherlock fucks a cake. Literally. 

8. Multiples - NC-17. Moriarty kidnaps John. 

9. Reaction - NC-17. Trigger warning. What Moriarty does to John before the pool scene and what happens after. 

10. A Mile in His Shoes - NC-17.  Sherlock and John switch places. 

11. James/Sebastian - PG-13. James is sick and Sebastian takes care of him.

12. Syncretism - PG-13. Sherlock is deaf. 

13. Count the Inflammable Minutes - PG-13. John has a bomb in him and the only way to stop it is for him to die. 

14. House Guest - NC-17. Sherlock spent five days with James Moriarty. John never found out what happened. 

15. Between the Lines - R. When Moriarty promised to ‘burn the heart out’ of Sherlock, everyone assumed that John would be the target. They’re wrong-Moriarty’s after Mycroft. 

16. Mute - PG-13. Sherlock is mute. 

17. Fives Times John, Mrs. Hudson and Skull Were Not Around At a Vital Moment - PG-13. Incomplete. When John is not around, and Mrs. Hudson misplaces his skull, Sherlock calls phone sex lines to have someone to bounce his ideas off of. 

18. From Each Corner of a Shared Prison Cell - PG-13.  Incomplete? - John and Sherlock have a row about his drug use. 

19. Because You’re An Idiot - M. Sherlock enjoys being degraded. 

20. Bound and Gagged - M. Incomplete? Sherlock is kidnapped and John is given 24 hours to find him. 

21. Action Man - PG. Sherlock thinks he’s ugly. 

22. And the Heat Goes On… - NC-17. Sherlock enjoys orgasms, but he doesn’t enjoy being touched. 

23. Freak - G. John gets defensive about Sally.

24. Fluff-tastic baby! - G. Ficlet about John’s laugh.

25. A Tale of Two Wars - PG-13. John has nightmares and Sherlock tries to comfort him without knowing how. 

26. Too Close to Holmes - NC-17. Trigger warning. Sherlock struggles with being raped as a child, and confronting his rapist when he strikes again.

27. Fumbling - NC-17. John’s never been with a man, and Sherlock hasn’t been with anyone. Awkward sex ensues. 

28. Musical - G. John takes Sherlock to see a musical. 

29. Left Unspoken - T. Sherlock is dying, Mycroft is there. 




30. Walls Can Fall - T. Ritchie!Sherlock. With Watson’s leaving imminent Holmes breaks his walls down and tries one last attempt to make Watson stay. If he fails, then he will forever be broken

31. An Imperfect Storm - NC-17. Lestrade likes it when Sherlock wears his underwear

32. Phone Sex - R. Moriarty and Sherlock have phone sex. 

33. Duvet Day - PG-13. Lestrade decides Mycroft needs a day off. 

34. Cuddle Buddies - G. Sebastian and Moriarty cuddle. 

35. The Curious Case of the Heart - PG-13. Sherlock sets out to solve the case of his own emotions. It may be his greatest mystery to date

36. Horse and Carriage - PG-13. Sherlock proposes and John thinks the idea is insane. 

37. Only Human - NC-17. John knows he’s going to witness Sherlock’s weaknesses soon enough. 

38. A Love With No Name - PG-M. Asexual!Sherlock and Straight!John are platonically in love life partners. 

39. Hot Water - NC-17. In James’ head, this is perfectly normal behaviour. 

40. Boredom - NC-17. John goes off to Spain for two weeks. Sherlock and Moriarty have some fun. 

41. We’re Gunna Wash Ourselves in Sin - NC-17. "Are you going to invite me in, sweetheart?" the serpent rocking on his heels one step below him croons. Sherlock shuts his eyes.

42. Above, Below (Through the cracks) - NC-17. John Watson returns to London from the war, broken and lost until fate leads him to a man who calls himself the consulting detective and the mercenaries who are hunting him. As the result of a single act of kindness John finds himself pulled in the strange, and wonderful, world of Below as the consulting detective attempts to get to safety and solve the string of violent deaths plaguing Below before he is next. 

43. Daddy’s Had Enough Now - NC-17. Moran releases our little visitor from under his arm and he stumbles and stands, brushing himself off indignantly. The boy’s hair is a curling mass of dark brown hair that hangs at his ears. His skin is pale and stretched over harsh cheekbones that angle his face.

The resemblance is uncanny. Perfect.




44. Gottle O’ Geer - G. Moriarty, the amateur ventriloquist. 

45. Through a View-finder -  NC-17. Sherlock and John like to photograph each other during sex. 

46. Match - NC-17. Trigger Warning. Uni!John was on the Rugby team. After getting a bit drunk he agrees to let his team ‘have some fun with him’ but after a few guys he asks them to stop. They carry on. 

47. Free to Move About the Cabin - R. On a trip to America, the friendly skies get a bit friendlier. 

48. Library - NC-17. Incest. Sherlock recites the periodic table in his head to keep himself sane. 

49. Westermarck, Refuted - NC-17. Incest. Sherlock finds he’s attracted to Mycroft. 

50. And You I Crave - NC-17. John can get pregnant, and goes into heat. 

51. Undercurrents - R. “There, that’s it, perfect, shut your eyes and don’t move- and don’t speak.”

52. Haunted - NC-17. Trigger Warning. Mycroft spends Christmas with the Holmes, though it’s not quite how he expected. 

53. A Slowly Dawning Attraction - PG-13/R. Five times Sherlock and John nearly kissed at work, and one time they did. 

54. The Anatomist - R. "You’re not the only one to enjoy a good murder. There’s others out there just like you – except you’re just a man. And they’re so much more than that." Jefferson Hope, A Study in Pink

55. Apotheosis - R. John is given the chance to take the fight to Moriarty. 

56. Barter System - NC-17. John and Sherlock trade clothing.

57. Between - R. John and Molly decide to take what they can get. 

58. Catharsis - PG-13. Sally/Molly.

59. Conversion- PG.  A nice play on the fact that ACD!WAtson played Rugby. 

60. Darling, Oh Just Don’t Put Down Your Guns Yet - R.  Moriarty has crawled under Sherlock’s skin and hes not letting go.

61. The Engagement - NC-17. King Mycroft has his younger brother, Prince Sherlock, betrothed to a foreigner, Prince John. Sherlock is all, “How about nooooooooo” until he actually meets his husband-to-be.

62. Equivalence - PG-13. Sometimes you’re Anthea, sometimes you’re Anthony, but you’re always still you. 

63. Feel Good Hit of the Summer - PG-13. Sherlock is still taking cocaine when he meets John. 

64. Getting Better - G-PG. Tristram Holmes dreads attending his new primary school, fearing he’ll be teased and bullied as usual. Only, nothing goes exactly as he thinks it will when he finds himself with a seemingly unlikely friend in Emily Watson. 

65. The Giant Rat of Sumatra - R. “I don’t think you should write about this one,” Sherlock said to John.

“Whyever not,” said John, drolly, and winced at the memories.

“My kids want to hear the story from the doctor himself,” said Lestrade, grinning. “They think he’s brave.”

66. The Good Doctor - R. Some innocent, fluffy touching between John and Sherlock that eventually evolves into slow, tender sex.

67. Homemaking - PG-13. The original plan for returning to England involved fucking around being shellshocked and suffering mandatory post-combat counseling and physical therapy to dissect the shattered mosaic of his feelings. That’s not quite how it goes.

68. How To Train Your Dragon - G. Cross-over. There was a dragon following him. John tucked his hands into his pockets, hoping that it would go away. He’d had quite enough of dragons, really. Quite enough to fill a lifetime and then some.

69. I am Become Death - PG-13.  In which Sherlock does something very bad. 

70. It’s Not Just Twenty-Twenty - PG. Sherlock seeing John in his reading glasses and he basically melts. 

71. Lab Book - R. "The likelihood of finding a cab on Christmas Eve is fast approaching nil." "So was the likelihood of you kissing me in the middle of the pavement, and yet."

72. The Letter of the Lore - PG. Since Sherlock is so interesting in appearance, so odd and dark in temperament, so attuned to death… What if he had a fairy in his bloodline. Not a fairy like the Disney sort. No, the faeries of old legend. The ones that went bump in the night and made people afraid to go out after dark.

73. Let You Kiss Me - PG. The first time Sherlock kisses him, John keeps his eyes open, and so does Sherlock, and mostly, he wonders what Sherlock could possibly be up to. 

74. The Necessity of Atheism - PG. Sherlock never finished University. 

75. Outclassed, Outplayed, and Outnumbered - PG-13.  Crossover with Outnumbered. Children, fluff and borderline crack. 

76. Precipitation - PG. Ridiculous crack. 

77. Rate of Change - PG. In which there are broken violins, horology, and some mention of ancient code-breaking. 

78. Shopping List - NC-17. John secretly writes femslash. 

79. Sherlock/Sally - NC-17. Sherlock and Sally have angry shower sex. 

80. Synthetic - PG-13. John is the best blade runner ever to have worked for the London police. Mycroft calls him out of seclusion to track down and retire one especially slippery replicant that used to be an invaluable asset to them in solving crimes, but over time began to believe that it was human. This replicant’s mind has deteriorated to the point where it now believes that Mycroft is its brother, and that it is a consulting detective.

81. The Undiscovered Molly - NC-17. Sherlock applies the scientific theory to sex. 

82. Your Moral Crisis is Stupid - NC-17. Sherlock is asexual. John is not. Possibly, Sherlock should have told him this before they had sex. 

83. You’ve Got the Instrument of Pleasure at the End of Your Sleeves - NC-17. John has a fetish for Sherlock’s hands. 

84. Chemistry - NC-17. Incest. Sherlock is home from University. 




85. History, Repeating Itself - NC-17. John Watson is a med student, a war veteran, and, by and large, a fairly sensible person. He had every chance to run. 

86. The Happy Announcement - G. Sherlock and John agree to get married (in a cracky fashion).

87. His Lap Full - NC-17. A ride on the tube changes everything. 

88. Fab Suito - NC-17. John wears a suit. Sherlock finds it extremely distracting. 

89. 34 Minutes - PG-13. An experiment in eye contact. 

90. Lion King - PG. A young lioness is murdered, and John is curious about the strange loner who seems to know exactly how it happened. 

91. Room Full of Boxes - PG. “It isn’t until two days later (two days, seventeen hours, and thirty-seven minutes) that John Watson arrives at Baker Street with boxes, six boring, brown boxes he heaves from the boot of a taxi. 

92. Bathroom - NC-17. John and Sherlock have sex in a bathroom. 

93. Beside Manner - PG. The four times Mycroft waited at Sherlock’s beside and the two times Sherlock waited for him. 

94. Arch Enemy - PG-13. Incest. Sherlock loves Mycroft but he is afraid that Mycroft might break his heart.  

95. Taking a Tumble - G.  Sherlock and John are invited ice skating by Lestrade. Sherlock can’t ice skate. Involves jumpers, amusement and poking fun at Anderson. 

96. Spin the Bottle - G. Sherlock and crew play spin the bottle.

97. Stringplay - NC-17. John secretly plays fiddle. Sherlolc and his violin seduce him into a threesome. 

98. Spend All Your Time Waiting - R. There is a long time between the realization that you love him and the actions that you take. 

99. I’ll Lie Down with the Bees (and I’ll Wait for You Here) - PG-13. John’s final wish. 

100. Never A Bad Day - NC-17. Mycroft eats Not!Anthea out. 

101. Doing Fine - G. It was late and Sherlock was intent on getting the small golden statue back. When the thief and a woman start to waltz Sherlock really had no choice did he?  

102. Epilogue - PG-13. John would shield Sherlock from anything if he had to. Even if that meant protecting him from the truth. 

103. What You Mean to Me - G. Sherlock contemplates the meaning of words, and how much he hates John’s blog. 

104. Perfection - PG-13. John is hospitalized. Sherlock is about to be tried for attempted murder. Can John get there before it’s too late? 

105. That Certain Night - R. Precedes All That May Fall.. A chance encounter late one night leads to Sherlock following John home. 

106. All That May Fall from the Skies Above - PG-13. Follows That Certain Night.  John and Sherlock shelter from the Blitz the night before they’re both posted. 

107. When the Dawn Comes Up - NC-17. Follows All That May Fall.. John and Sherlock share a final few hours together before John goes to fight on the continent and Sherlock goes to break codes at Beltchley Park. 

108. Antidote - NC-17. Sherlock gets high and turns into horny!seductive!persistent!corrupted!Sherlock and he wants John. 

109. A Thorough Examination - NC-17. Sherlock/Dark!John. Medfet. 

110. Grab Your Guns (time to go to hell) - R. John is not a good man. That doesn’t stop him from trying to be one. 

111. Greater Than You Know - PG. Five times John Watson isn’t what he seems to be, and one time that he is. 

112. Rules - NC-17. Possesive!John keeps Sherlock in line. 

113. The Art of Language - NC-17.  Incest. John didn’t know he had a thing for German.

114. L’instinct Suffit - NC-17. Sherlock speaks French during sex. 

115. Pardon my French - PG-13. When Sherlock gets drunk he insists on only speaking French. He’s also more talkative than normal and so John has to figure out what he’s going on about. 

116. 26 Pieces - NC-17. Mycroft gives Sherlock the apparently simple task of solving a puzzle box containing a stolen microchip. It isn’t simple. 

117. The Everthere - NC-17. John really wanted to be Sherlock’s first. 

118. Definition - PG-13. What happens when Sherlock gets himself a boyfriend and how it affects his friendship with John. 

119. All That You Build, All That You Break - NC-17. Mycroft and Lestrade knew each other as children. Twenty years later, they encounter one another and everything is different. 

120. You’re the One For Me, Fatty - NC-17. John puts on a bit of weight and angsts over it until Sherlock and his magical healing cock convince him that really, it’s all right and they still definitely want to tap that. 

121. One - M. John has lost his sight, but he still dreams. 

122. Give Me the Quiet Things - NC-17. John had never been afraid of asking “What’s the worst that can happen?” He was pretty sure he’d already seen it. 

123. Lacuna - NC-17. John gets amnesia, and Sherlock being in love with him since day one, is tempted to lie. 

124. Being Selfish - PG. The explosion at the pool causes John to forget everything that came after being shot in Afghanistan. He becomes obsessed with trying to gain his memories back. The problem is that his mysterious flat-mate seems equally obsessed with making sure he doesn’t remember. 

125. What a Difference a Day Makes - Eventual NC-17. Because of a series of ridiculously serendipitous and sexually-charged events, John and Sherlock finally shag. Then John gets amnesia and forgets their one night together and things they are still just friends. Heartbroken, Sherlock secretly attempts to recreate the series of outrageous events so that their life-changing night can happen all over again. 

126. The Heart in the Whole - NC-17. Events after The Great Games leaves Sherlock dependent on his best friend and colleague. But John has a secret of his own.   

127. A Little Unwell - PG. John doesn’t realise Sherlock is ill. 

128. Paroxysms - NC-17. Sherlock has a bit of a cold when he asks John to fuck him. 

129. Forgiveness - R. Sherlock being tortured. 

130. Incapacitated - PG. Sherlock breaks his collar bone and so he needs John’s help doing almost everything. 

131. The Lady Doth Protest - NC-17. John has never been a very good liar. 

132. Dissolution - PG-13. In finding sherlock another assistant, John gets more than he bargained for. 

133. Ashes, Rubble, and the Debris You Left Behind - R. Following the pool incident, Sherlock is dead and John starts a diary, recording all the things he wanted to tell Sherlock. But it involves into something so much more.

133. I Meet You There, and We Go - R. Sherlock doesn’t believe in second chances, but a last one will suffice. 

134. The Half-Open Window - R. I’m off in flight towards another light—-

135. I Broke Them All For You - R. John wonders if the stories they tell each other after dark are memories. 

136. The Empty Problem - R. After Sherlock dies, John loses it. 

137. Ghosts of Days Gone Past - NC-17. John goes under witness protection, but Sherlock follows him. Eventually, John decides that eh can’t live without Sherlock and stops running, only to be killed immediately afterwards. 




138. Semantic Satiation - PG. Sherlock practises saying ‘I love you’ in the mirror. 

139. I’m Not Scared, Sherlock - PG-13. John is terminal and Sherlock has to look after him until his last days. 

140. His Favourite Four Letter F-Words - R. John isn’t the most eloquent of men.

141. 9 Insane Conversations with Sherlock Holmes - R. Sherlock is conducting a vulgarity experiment.

142. Epiphany - John discovered it’s Sherlock’s birthday while Sherlock makes a series of disturbing discoveries of his own. 

143. Youth of the Heart - R. Sherlock returns after three years of being ‘dead’ thinking he knows what he will find. He doesn’t have all the information..

144. Applied Linguistics - R. Sherlock wants to marry John and searches for the right words. 

145. The Mind has Mountains -  R. When first encountering Sherlock’s ‘black moods’ then John was entirely unprepared. 

146. Killing Time - R. The plan had been… well, that was the problem. There had been no plan for this. 

147. To Own Your Fears like Soldiers - R. Directly following the Great Game. They may make it out alive but neither of them is all right. 

148. An Hour Badly Spent - PG. “The existence of forgetting has never been proved: We only know that some things don’t come to mind when we want them.” - Nietzsch

149. Beautiful - PG. Sherlock knows he isn’t unattractive. After all, people have called him sexy before. What he doesn’t understand is: why has John called him beautiful?

150. Naming - PG. Sherlock Holmes finds his name. 

151. Infinite Variations Upon A Single Moment - PG. Transgendered!Holmes fic. Holmes presents a case of a very personal nature for Watsno to Ponder. 

152.Her, Forever Dead - PG. FTM Sherlock. 

153. There is a Crack in Everything - PG. She’s immune to your consultations, he’s quite aware of what he’s going through. 

154. Seems So Easy For Everybody Else - PG-13. He signs his correspondences to the police as Sherlock H, as he always has, and he signs his letters to his parents as SH — they can take what they will from the S. He signs his school assignments S. Holmes, and manages to get away with it because he is the only Holmes in his classes. FtM!Sherlock.

155. Body of Evidence - PG. You were born Sheridan Olivia Holmes. Your family called you Sheryl. You didn’t like those names but it didn’t occur to you to switch to anything else. Not yet. 

156. Glimpse of a Great Heart - PG. John Watson has a list of things he wants, and under circumstances, that list grows. 

157. Quiet Love Song - PG. Sherlock and John cuddling :3 

158. He Kindly Stopped for Me - PG. She has been dealing with dead bodies for so long that she shouldn’t really have been surprises when one sat up and started to speak to her. 

159. Home is Where - PG. “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in”




160. Kiss it and Make It Better - R. Post-Reichenback, Sherlock pines for Moriarty. 

170. Another Night and I’ll Be You - NC-17. Sherlock and James have bathroom sex. 

171. I Get the Feeling If I Stay With You You’ll Never Let Me Go - NC-17. Sherlock and Moriarty go suit shopping and then fuck in a fitting room. 

172. It’s the Wrong Time and Place To Be Thinking of You - NC-17. “Jim” Sherlock moans. John freezes. 

173. Possessiveness - PG-13. Sherlock Holmes belongs to him. James loves to show him off. 

174. Breathplay - NC-17. Reluctant Sherlock in predicament bondage (nonconsensual) 

175. Sexytimes - NC-17. Just some good Sherlock/James sexy time. 

176. Cuddling - PG. Sherlock and James cuddling :3 

177. Skull Fucking - NC-17. Moriarty masturbates to thoughts of Sherlock. 

178. Something Isn’t Right - PG-13. Sherlock’s been in relationship with Jim for months proceeding TGG. It’s only when he sees him at the pool, he realizes Jim’s last name is Moriarty.

179. Safe, Sane, and Consensual - NC-17. With Moriarty, you can get one of the three. 

180. Under My Skin - R. James and Sherlock doing things to each other because they’re both so obsessed they don’t realise that wow this is sort of wrong 

181. High Noon - M. Mirrorverse. “And you know what? One day, showing up just won’t be enough. One day we’ll be standing around a body and Sherlock Holmes will be the one that put it there. 

182. Sobriquet - G. Mycroft keeps insisting on calling Lestrade ‘Inspector’ because he’s shy. And everytime he refuses to call him by his first name, Lestrade feels a pang of disappointment. ‘Why is he still calling me Inspector? Aren’t we even friends yet? Are we? Am I just another poor copper babysitting his brother to him? Is that it?’

183. Drunk Dialing - G. Mycroft drunk dials Lestrade. 
184. What’s in a Name - PG. Lestrade has a huge dog, named after Sherlock. When Lestrade starts dating Mycroft, he introduces Sherlock to Mycroft, and it bites Mycroft. 
185. Late Night Rendezvous - NC-17. Mycroft and Lestrade roleplay a situation of sexual assault. 
186. Rain - G. If loneliness was art I could hang you on the wall. 
187. Escapism - G. Mycroft has observed all rich children want to be or be with the gardener’s boy. It’s all an artificial bid for freedom. 
188. Fortune Favours the Brave - NC-17. During his twenties, Greg Lestrade has always had a bit of a thing for the winger of a Cambridge RFU’s first XV. He certainly hadn’t expected to run into the same man, still drop-dead gorgeous in the lounge of 221b Baker Street twenty yeas later.
189. Demonstrative - G. Ending their texts with <3 you is the only way Lestrade/Mycroft can show how they feel about the other because they’re too shy to say it out loud. 
189. Pen Pals - PG. Mycroft and Lestrade are pen pals. 
190. Risky Business - PG. Lestrade rocks out to Ol’time rock n roll. 
191. Dangerous Obsession - R. Mycroft, concerned about his weight thinks “If my little brother can go without food for days on end, then surely I can do it too!”
192. Born to be Wild - NC-17. Sherlock discovers the identity of the mysterious passenger on the back of Lestrade’s motorbike and he’s not happy about it. 
193. Undoing Mycroft - NC-17. Lestrade rims/fingers Mycroft so deeply and filthily that quiet, reserved Mycroft goes absolutely wild - clutching at the headboard, tearing the sheets off the mattress, tugging Lestrade’s hair, screaming, arching his back, rocking into it etc.
194. Mycrofffffffft - G. Sherlock walks in on teenage Mycroft and Lestrade having sex. 
195. No One Volunteers for This - M. Mycroft and Lestrade finally have a number of important conversations, a photo album is viewed and everything is backwards, but that’s all right. 
196. Your Affectionate Brother - G. Years after Sherlock Holmes’ supposed death at the hands of Moriarty, he turns up on Mycroft’s doorstep alive and relatively well. 
197. Club Commiseration - M. Meme wants Holmes bros meaning about botched attempts at wooing. So, Sherlock can’t stop with the insults and Mycroft thinks he’s in a musical or something.
198. When the Rain Came - M. A summer storm can do much more than just water the garden. 
199. Timing is Everything - M. Several people get to watch some football, Sherlock is apparently rearranging 221B Baker Street and Lestrade is an overnight guest at Mycroft’s flat. 
200. The Misnamed Empire - M. When important mem bers of Britain’s most elite families are murdered, Mycroft and Lestrade team up to catch a killer and uncover the secrets that people are dying to keep.
201. In the Footsteps of the Master - G. Sherlock and John assist Lestrade to hunt a serial killer, who may not be what he seems; while Mycroft demonstrates that he, too, may not be what he seems.
202. The First Step - G. Events conspire against Mycroft’s perfect vision. 
203. Holiday Holmes - G. Mummy sends out an email explaining her rules for the coming summer holiday. 
204. Winter’s Passing - G. It’s a snowy December day in London. Cute super sweet candy floss fluff for all you Mystrade lovers. 
205. Family - G. In which Mycroft has a run in with Sherlock. 
206. Poppet - M. Mycroft isn’t above turning to the dark arts to get what he wants. 
207. Three Evenings - G. In which Mycroft spends three evenings in a week with DI Lestrade. 




208. A One Bed Problem - NC-17. Sherlock and John have to share a bed and sexy time ensues. 

209. First Thing - NC-17. Call him a romantic, but considering they’ve spent the last six months having really great sex, John thinks this whole sleeping-next-to-each-other thing is a long-overdue development.

210. Black and Blue - NC-17. Why do so many of us love hurting our lovely Sherlock? Whether that thought intrigues you, it’s certainly on the mind of John Watson. A doctor who has started to do things to his lover he never, ever thought he’d do.

211. My Phone’s On Vibrate For You - NC-17. Sherlock texts John all the time. Today’s different. 

212. Opposites - NC-17. Sherlock and John are opposites. 

213. Physical - NC-17. “All this time, all his efforts, and he’d had it all backwards; Sherlock is capable of sexual arousal (even with company), but it’s the clinical touch that stimulates him rather than the sexual one. 

214. 156 Things I Know About You - NC-17. Facts about Sherlock and John. 

215. How Your Sherlock Learns - NC-17. John hears somewhere that one can effectively discipline one’s cat with a spray bottle when they engage in bad behaviour. John figures Sherlock acts like a cat, maybe he can be disciplined like one. Because really, what could be the harm? At best he’ll get Sherlock to stop shooting holes in the walls of their flat and at worse Sherlock will end up very, very wet. 

216. My Pleasure - NC-17. Sherlock has a rape fantasy and asks John to indulge it. 

217. Real People - NC-17. Spanking and cuddling. 

218. Feeding Sherlock - NC-17. Just as the title says. 

219. One - M. John has lost his sight, but he still dreams. 

220. Standard Deviation - NC-17. John’s insecurities regarding relative size are brought into the open. Sherlock’s reaction is…Sherlockian. 

221. Melting - NC-17. In which the hottest summer on record disturbs Sherlock in one too many ways, ice is a means to an end and what was contained is let loose. 

222. On the Tip of His Tongue - NC-17. Sherlock can’t stop thinking about John’s tongue. 

223. Sunday Sights - NC-17. Voyeurism :3 

224. Nonverbal Clues - NC-17. A fic in which Sherlock and John communicate (mostly) nonverbally and it is just them, in John’s very dark room, doing sexy things.

225. Of Mortuaries and Riding Crops - NC-17. Sherlock using a riding crop on a corpse with John watching. 

226. Tagged - NC-17. John has been away visiting Harry. He returns to 221B with more than one surprise. Sexytimes ensue and john’s dog tags play a special role. 

227. Ink - NC-17. Sherlock draws on himself to help him think; when he runs out of places to draw John offers to help. Sex happens. 

228. Planet Sherlock - NC-17. John and Sherlock devise a rating system for sex. 

229. Relief - NC-17. Sherlock/John post hostage relief sex. 

230. The Khyber Knife - NC-17. Did this mean he’d resolved his trust issues, John wondered vaguely, that he trusted Sherlock not to hurt him? He doubted it. The truth was probably far worse, that he wouldn’t care if Sherlock did. 

231. The Long Game - NC-17. Sherlock and john and a long night of poker. 

232. House Rules - NC-17. It occurs to John one morning, as he’s moving a thumb out of the microwave and into the refrigerator, that perhaps the time has come for a serious discussion about house rules. 

233. His Lap Full - NC-17. A ride on the tube changes everything. 

234. Sacrilege - NC-17. Sherlock, John, sex and religion. 

235. Scars - NC-17. Sherlock/John bloodplay. 

236. Traction - NC-17. John has a broken leg, or two, maybe an arm in a cast to boot. And he’s stuck in the hospital, hoisted up like a marionette. This doesn’t stop him and Sherlock from having awkward, difficult , furtive, but consensual sex. 

237. The Adventure of the Six Painted Virgins - NC-17. Sherlock does an unusual disguise for a case. John is conflicted. 

238. Death and Resurrection of the English Language - NC-17. Sherlock Holmes has recently grown aware that the problem must be one of language. 

239. Aftermath - NC-17. Two shots. There had been two shots. 

240. The Morning’s Hush - M. John is very warm and pliable of a morning. 

241. The Shape I Found You In - NC-17. In which Sherlock invades Sweden, John watches too much questionable television things are finally talked about and absence makes the heart grow odder. 

242. The Whore of Babylon Was A Perfectly Nice Girl - M. Sherlock walks into a room and takes all the space right out of it. He does the same inside John’s head. 

243. Uniform - NC-17. John’s uniform does still fit. He decides to indulge in a little roleplay. 

244. Unfettered - NC-17. John knows he should leave it at that, but being handcuffed to sherlock, being tied to him, feeling the intermittent brush of his fingers, is threatening to lead John’s waking mind into the titillating landscape of his dreams. 

245. Voice Over - NC-17. Sherlock was so mad at John he wasn’t speaking to him. As in not speaking. Did you hear that part? About Sherlock? Being silent? Do you know how hard that is for him? 

246. Vox - NC-17. John has a bit of a thing for Sherlock’s voice. Sherlock tells John explicitly what he’s going to do to him. 

247. Watched Again - NC-17. Mycroft watches the video of the events that occurred before he had happened on the live feed last night. 

248. Take It Like A Man - NC-17. John on the bottom, trussed up so tight he can’t even turn his head, being face fucked and sodomized and thoroughly enjoying what a powerful man Sherlock is. 

249. Stress Relief - NC-17. John is angry, Sherlock offers him some stress relief. 

250. Everything is Extraordinary - NC-17. One morning John walks into Sherlock’s bedroom and sees him stretched out on the bed, asleep on his stomach, completely naked, crisp white sheets crumpled down covering only his legs, sunlight streaming in on him and John just thinks “Fuck it. I’m going for it.”

251. Double Dose - NC-17. Sherlock can not get enough. He especially likes to be taken again straight after. John loves that Sherlock wants him that much. 

251. Entwined - NC-17. Sherlock’s long, slender fingers look so pretty entwined with John’s blunt, calloused ones, pushing… 

252. Brace - NC-17. John likes to be fucked so hard he has to brace against the wall to keep from banging his head. 

253. Chained - NC-17. His lips moved, he said “Rosebud”. 

254. Burn This City - NC-17. Sherlock and John have a special use for a specific piece of furniture - a billiards table. What? They play eight-ball on it. Among other things. God, he’s a hazard, especially when he’s being completely obvious. The more outrageous he can be the more John loves it, as Sherlock is nothing but inventive, and dirty, and downright seductive.

255. Enigma - G. Mycroft follows DI Lestrade to Saint Paul’s Cathedral. He desperately wants to understand what makes Gregory a statistical outlier. 

256. It Felt Like A Kiss - PG-15. One of them is in an abusive relationshop and the other helps him get out. 

257. Low Sodium Options - R. AU in which Mycroft is Lestrade’s guardian angel. 

258. Sometimes Even Simple is Complicated - PG-13. Things rarely go to plan for Lestrade but it usually turns out to be for the best. 

259. Baby It’s Cold Outside - G. Cute Mystrade fluff

260. Mergers and Acquisitions - PG. Mycroft is already married when he meets and falls in love with Lestrade. 

261. A Sleeping Sherlock - PG. John recounts the first time Sherlock falls asleep on him. 

262. If - PG. John knows Sherlock isn’t the affectionate, romantic type. So he says all the lovey-dovey things he wants to say when he thinks Sherlock is asleep.  

263. Feathers - G. Sherlock always hugged John before he went to sleep. John didn’t mind. Of course he didn’t. He was only a pillow, after all. 

264. Mediation - K. Either John and Sherlock or Sherlock and Lestrade have a gigantic row and vow never to speak a word to each other again. Meanwhile, there’s a crime scene to investigate. How do they proceed? 

265. Chocolate With Spiky Bits - M. He did up the fiddly buttons on his shirt cuffs, grabbed his best coat, started to shrug it around his shoulders and.. 

"What are you doing?" Sherlock said languidly from the corner of the room. "You’re not going anywhere tonight."

266. Monster - R. “And just what is the plan, Sherlock?” John shouted. “Go to prison? You assaulted a police officer— no court won’t convict you” He ran a hand over his face. “What could possibly be worth risking your freedom?” 

267. The Light After the Storm - PG-13. John gets sent to a psyche ward for attempted suicide and meets a certain someone during a group session. 

268. Rain - NC-17. One all the things John had missed most in Afghanistan was rain. 




269. Burn Pattern - PG-13. “You should grow a moustache”, Sherlock said. In which there is a small disagreement. 

270. Don’t. - NC-17. Everything would be fine if Sherlock would just stop doing that thing that requires John to stop him. 

271. Apotheosis - R. John is given a chance to take the fight to Moriarty. You know what they say about whoever fights monsters. 

272. Tease - R. As downright infuriating it is so see Moran has ruined yet another suit - it was Armani’s new fall collection for heaven’s sake - Jim can hardly be bothered about the blood splattered clothes and the irredeemably scuffed shoes when the man looks so damn…intoxicating. 

273. Rooftop - NC-17. James Moriarty + alcohol = a christmas Sebastian won’t forget in a hurry. 

274. Mine - R. Sebastian Moran can be rather possessive when other people interfere with things that belong to him. 

275. Echec et Mat = R. Sometimes, he endeavoured to occupy his mind with abstract algebra and cosmology. But the sound of storming water beating down the rugged cliff and the overwhelming feeling of emptiness were relentlessly haunting him. 

276. A Picture of James Moriarty - Not rated. For a request of a Dorian Grey fusion. James Moriarty may look innocent but his painting can tell you otherwise. 

277. Eleven - G. Tears. A KitKat. A poppy. A soldier. 

278. Our Men - T. The Colonel kidnaps John and asks difficult questions. 

279. The Past That Makes Us - M. Jim wanders deeper into the bowels of the cemetery, the heels of his shoes sinking ever so slightly into the rain-softened grass. He’s mildly irritated that the dew-clad leaves are trailing moisture up the legs of his trousers, but he presses forward, weaving his way around headstones worn with age and neglect. 

280. A Mile in his Shoes - NC-17. John slammed the door behind him, as hard as he could. Then, for good measure (and to signal to any bloody-minded, sociopathic, bastards in the near vicinity his extreme displeasure) he opened it, and slammed it again, even harder. The stack of books beside the couch slumped over with a papery sigh. 

281. The Whore of Babylon was a perfectly nice girl.- NC-17. Sherlock walks into a room and takes all the space right out of it. He does the same inside John’s head. 

282. No Light, No Light - PG-13. John wasn’t sure what was more annoying: the kids outside shouting crude comments at some poor lad just walking home, or the fact that Sherlock was watching more trash telly and ignoring everyone else. He glanced apologetically at Sarah, who grinned and, rather cheerfully, took a seat on the couch and leaned forward to get a better look at the television.

283. 34 Minutes - PG-13. An experiment in eye contact. 

284. Once more with feeling 

285. Daises for Anderson - NC-17. 

286. Waking you up  - M. 

287. How to Tame your Dragon - NC-17. 

288. Ashes, Rubble and the Debris you left behind - R. 

289. Left in the Dark - PG-13. 

290. A turn of Phrase NC-17. 

291. Tea is for Drinking - NC-17. 

292. On the Harvest Moon - NC-17. 

293. Uh what now? NC-17. 

294. The Enamel Bath -  G. 

295. The Curious Case of the Howl in the Night - NC-17. 

296. Feeding Sherlock - PG-13. 

297. The Perfect Specimen- NC-17. 

298. When the Word is Made Flesh - NC-17. 

299. Dirty-adjective (dirtier, dirtiest) NC-17. 

300. An Unexpected Encounter Series - NC-17.